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  • 10th Jun 2020
  • Cetbix Risk Assessment and Management is an integral management risk solution which forms a part of the Cetbix Information Security Management System (ISMS). It combines both human intelligence and machine learning for organizations to make smarter decisions using data and analytics to prevent cybercrimes. This gives organizations a prediction of their current security state.
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  • 11th Nov 2018
  • The PERONIC company Limited in Germany, a member of the Univeril Group has started manufacturing consumer electronics under the Peronic brand now making its new entry into the European and Africa market. The device is for all age groups and strives to be competitive via a mix of quality and affordable pricing for every class of citizen to enjoy its features.
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  • 20th Sep 2017
  • SS7 vulnerability is still an issue in financial and governmental sector. Hackers are able to read text messages, listen to phone calls and track the location of mobile phone by utilizing the worldwide mobile phone network infrastructure vulnerability.
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  • 7th Sep 2017
  • The implementation and enforcement of data security and information security compliance in general is problematic due to change. The ROHHAT legal system is based on the notion of data security and protection implementation.
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  • 7th Jun 2017
  • Information security framework that supersedes the ISO/IEC series The Nine Five Circle (NFC) is a strategic process used by organizations to design, to identify, and to mitigate potential factors causing an overall hindrance in security-related policy compliance within their domain. Every potential factor that generates any hindrance is a cause of variation that should be addressed. Many big and small organizations see NFC as a better alternative to ISO27001, 27002 and 27005 accreditation.
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  • 2nd Mar 2017
  • The future of Financial Technology (fintech) in Germany is not only about offering services: FinTech and mobile banking institutes should invest in security.
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  • 7th Feb 2017
  • Organizations should diagnostically illustrate that there is a rigid methodology and procedures available for them to defend against malicious attackers if recommendation and good practices are followed, right from top personnel to all staffs.
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  • 28th Dec 2016
  • Manufacturing a wide range of medical uses and bio medical products. Our bio-medical ranges of a wide variety of biofeedback and neurofeedback tools and supplies. We manufacture full line of qEEG, GSR, EEG, EMG, temperature, and heart-rate products. We also offer service and repair for our products.
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  • 15th Jul 2015
  • Information Technology project house with a focus on "Computer Games and Application software. Founded in 1995 with headquarters in the Virginia. Offering customized and high-quality services to meet customers need to the highest standard.
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