Univeril Industries is a main supplier of exchanging, clearing, trade innovation, posting, data and open organization benefits. Through its differing arrangement of arrangements, Univeril Industries empowers clients to arrange, improve and execute their business vision with certainty, utilizing demonstrated innovations that give straightforwardness and knowledge to exploring today's worldwide capital markets

ROHHAT Company

With our many years of experience, we are able to utilize best practices to develop the best strategy for your company and provide winning strategies.

University of Haana

The "UNIVERSITY OF HAANA" is a new institution which is due to be in existence by the end of this year.

XVEX Technology Inc.

Information Technology project house with a focus on Software Applications, Computer Games and APPS technology, Webdesign and Digital media.


Univeril Median And Communication Concern is a channel for large and small marketing firms to reach millions of target consumers.


Our traveling industry operates Holiday Avon, the world leader in booking accommodations online.Best prices guarantee!

Consumer Goods

In association with our cocoa export industry, Sheradirie is a multinational Export and Import company that is based in Hamburg.

Geo Science

Geo sciences and environmental scientists with professional skills in geological, geophysical, and hydro geological services.

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